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Better Sex Jade Yoni Eggs (30% OFF)

$49.00 $70.00 saving $21.00
Better Sex Jade Yoni Eggs (30% OFF)

Better Sex Jade Yoni Eggs (30% OFF)

$49.00 $70.00 saving $21.00

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Don't be shy. Yoni eggs have been used by Chinese royalty for thousands of years.

But now they're gaining a ton of attention in the U.S. and Canada. Recently Gwyneth Paltrow confessed she uses a Yoni Egg to increase her sexual energy, give her better orgasms, improved vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy.


  • Increase sexual energy.
  • Experience better orgasms.
  • Strengthen vaginal muscle tone.
  • Achieve hormonal balance.
  • Increase chi.
  • Balance your period (cycle).
  • Stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls.
  • Tighten and tone.
  • Increase control of the bladder.
  • Improved feminine energy in general.

    What You Get

    • 3 Premium Yoni Eggs (one small, medium and large).
    • A discreet carrying.
    • Instructions on how to use your Yoni Eggs.
    • Colours may vary due to nature of natural stone.

    Please note that we take privacy seriously and the envelope you receive in the mail will no be marked with the product name.

    Brief Instructions (Detailed instructions come with purchase)

    Before you use your Better Sex Yoni Egg for the first time, you want to make sure it's clean - so check out the section below that gives more in depth instructions on how to clean your egg. 

    Before you insert your egg, create a ritual where you can relax. Perhaps light a candle, burn some sage, or put on soft calming music. 

    To insert the egg for the first time, try the medium size and simply use your finger. It can take a bit of practice to get good at this. If you stand up and it falls out - don't worry! You'll quickly get to know each of the three eggs and how they work with your unique body. 

    How to Clean Your Yoni Egg

    It's very important to keep your Better Sex Jade Yoni Egg clean. There are a few options you have:

    Wash it twice in warm water with soap and air-dry. Use natural organic non scented soap.

    You can wipe your egg with cotton gauze that's been dipped in vodka or other hard alcohol you have at hand (don't not use rubbing alcohol). Wash it thoroughly under running water after you do this. 

    Or my favorite way to clean my egg is by using hot water. Boil a pot of water, then remove from the stove.  Let the water cool until you can comfortably keep your finger in for a few seconds  Now you can set your egg in the water for 12-15 minutes. 

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