Better Sex Jade Yoni Egg

Better Sex Jade Yoni Egg

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Increases Sexual Energy
Yoni eggs have been used by Chinese royalty for thousands of years to help increase sexual energy.
Better Orgasms
Similar to kegel exercises, yoni eggs help strengthen vaginal muscle tone which leads to better orgasms.
Balance Hormones
Many girls find that regular use of yoni eggs helps balance their period and improve their chi.


What customers said about the Better Sex Yoni Egg...

I've done kegels before and definitely felt a difference. These eggs are just as good as my kegel exercises, but they're way less work!
Shipping was quick and customer service was helpful every step of the way. I've already ordered another as a gift for my girlfriend.
What a great website! I love being able to purchase hot products at a fraction of the price my friends are paying and having my order ship from North America. Keep up the good work!